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Engine power tester DynoProject 2WD DP2i
Engine power tester DynoProject 2WD DP2i

Engine power tester DynoProject 2WD DP2i

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Engine power tester DynoProject 2WD DP2i


Country of origin: DynoProject, Poland


The 2WD DP2i Engine Power Checker allows you to perform inertial power and torque measurements on two-wheel drive systems (rear or front axle).

The DataLogger digital system uses microprocessor technology in the design and guarantees the stability of the measured parameters. All data is scanned live. Measurements are made every 0.1 KM. The microprocessor monitors the operation of the dynamometer and controls the transfer of measured data. The brake controller simulates road conditions by controlling speed and acceleration according to set parameters.

Datalogger reads the values ​​of the following parameters:

• Speed

• Torque

The controller communicates with the software installed on the computer. An advanced yet intuitive program processes the measured parameters and saves them. The collected and processed parameters are displayed in diagrams and figures, which allow detailed diagnostics of engine operation or analysis of engine modernization results.

This stand was designed with modular design. You can upgrade your equipment to a more advanced version at any time. All you have to do is install additional items that the simpler versions don't have. The 2WD DP2i stand can be extended to four wheel drive support, to the most advanced version of the DP4L-SYNCHRO.


Technical parameters:

- Maximum speed: 288 km / h

- Maximum wheel torque: 1300+ Nm

- Maximum power: 600+ hp

- Maximum engine torque: 600+ Nm

- Controller Power Supply: 230V AC, 1A

- Pneumatic roller brake: 6 - 8 atm

- Operating temperature: 5 - 35 ° C

- Dimensions: 3700 x 400 x 1130 mm

- Maximum wheelbase: 2100 mm

- Minimum wheelbase: 700 mm

- Weight: 1200 kg