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Engine cleaning device Carbon Clean CC -18
Engine cleaning device Carbon Clean CC -18

Engine cleaning device Carbon Clean CC -18

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Engine cleaning device Carbon Clean CC -18


The device requires only a few minutes for initial setup; when connected to the mains, the liquefied gas filter is filled with the supplied electrolytic solution and alcohol (this ensures the purity of the HHO when it is produced). After this initial preparation, the unit requires very little maintenance, and after filling, the filter is refilled only every 6 months. After preparation, the unit will run only on water and electricity, which makes the equipment economical and environmentally friendly.


- Nine independently operated electrolyte tanks are installed.

- Production of hydrogen gas by car mileage.

- A special safety system ensures that the supply of HHO is stopped when the engine is switched off.

- Reduced exhaust emissions.

- Increases engine performance.

- Improved compression.

- Improves engine performance.

- Reduces oil consumption.

- Improves car economy.

Technical parameters:

- Power supply: 220V / 50HZ

- Weight: 200 KG.

- Air pressure: 2-10 Bar

- Max. Air flow: 285mmAQ

- Dimensions: 1050 X 700 X 1500mm