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Doosan Diagnostic Equipment DD
Doosan Diagnostic Equipment DD
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Doosan Diagnostic Equipment DD

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Doosan Diagnostic Equipment DD
Doosan Data Monitoring System (DMS-3) 1.4 - provides the following functions when communicating with the e-EPOS controller stored in the excavator and on the user's computer:
- Monitoring - monitors the current information / data contained in the e-EPOS controller.
- Graphs - shows the data of the essential sensors in the excavator in the form of a graph, and the information can be saved to the hard disk, which provides an opportunity to check the condition of the excavator by analyzing and comparing the stored data.
- Tests - performance of various simulations by forcibly activating the output signal in the e-EPOS controller.
- Diagnostics - Display of current error information.
- History - allows you to analyze work trends or styles, showing the operating hours of each mode and the hours of use of filters and lubricants.
- DB9 to 14 connector cable
- Doosan Data Monitoring System (DMS-3) 1.4.1