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Diesel injector test stand Magneti Marelli DS1R-D / 20
Diesel injector test stand Magneti Marelli DS1R-D / 20

Diesel injector test stand Magneti Marelli DS1R-D / 20

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Diesel injector test stand Magneti Marelli DS1R-D / 20

Manufacturer Magneti Marelli, Italy; Warranty 24 months


The latest generation of Common Rail Nozzle Testing Equipment on the market. It has a very compact design, which is very important in services with limited space. Thanks to the latest technology, the technical condition of the nozzles can be checked quickly and accurately. Basic versions: DS1R-S / 10 and DS1R-E / 10 generate the result in YES / NO format based on the nozzle electrical test and leak test.

The DS1R-E / 20 and DS1R-D / 20 versions measure all parameters with high accuracy and generate a detailed report based on them, together with an integrated database.

The equipment also includes a comprehensive database of all types of electromagnetic and piezo injectors Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens / VDO / Continental. Free, automatic software updates.

The ideal device for those who value ease of use and fast payback. Perfect for professional nozzle rebuilds and routine garages to help you quickly determine the accuracy and suitability of your nozzle for future use.

Technical data:

- Max. pressure: 2000 bar

- R2LC test means an electrical test for kΩ / μF, Ω / μH

- Complete and accurate diagnosis in CFL test with surgery termination and notification if nozzle fails test

- Nozzle volume measurement test - iVM - full load

- LKT - static backflow test, and NLT - nozzle leak test

- RSP (response time) test and aNOP (nozzle opening pressure) test available with optional RSP sensor

- Fully automatic operation (electronic pressure regulator)

- Static electronic mass measurement

- Testing time: ~ 12 min

- 8 "touch screen, Android system

- Code: 007935101450