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Diagnostic tool Knorr - Bremse UDIF
Diagnostic tool Knorr - Bremse  UDIF
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Diagnostic tool Knorr - Bremse UDIF

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Diagnostic tool Knorr - Bremse  UDIF


Knorr Bremse Trailer Diagnostic Kit for disc brakes contains all the required tools for easy and safe maintenance and maintenance of all series of disc brakes, as well as for upgrading. TEBS, K-Line and CAN diagnostic with UDIF.

NEO System Diagnosis is a modular, scalable diagnostic platform that includes diagnostic software and hardware for individual systems in commercial vehicles.

The NEO diagnostic platform offers to user a variety of solutions – from reading the error logger to the full automatic error analysis.

ECUtalk is a PC-based diagnostic program for electronic brake systems Knorr-Bremse in trailers. In addition to diagnosing the braking system, the program allows you to configure various additional functions of the trailer control system and thereby expand the range of system functions. With this diagnostic program, the user can read and delete the error logger, and perform a comprehensive system test. An automatically triggered final test that generates a closing report confirms the correct installation and connection of the brake module.

UDIF allows you to work with electronic systems trailers: TEBS G2/G2.1, KB4TA, TEBS 4, A18 etc.

Free diagnostic software is available for download on the website

For programming control blocks required PIN codes, which can be purchased after passing the technical training KNORR-BREMSE.

When using special software diagnostic interface UDIF allows you to work with the following electronic systems:

• European trucks: ABS, EBS, EAC, ECA, EDC, EOBD

• Russian trucks: ABS 2X, EU12, ABS6

Packing List:

• Universal Diagnostic Interface (UDIF)

• COM port cable

• EZ1032 7-pin (24 V CAN) – TEBS4 cable

• EZ1033 7-pin (Amphenol K-Line) – TEBS4 and A18 cable

• EZ1034 7-pin/6-pin/6-pin (24 V CAN) – TEBS4 cable


• ECUtalk A6, A9, A18EU Trailer ABS

• ECUtalk KB4 Trailer ABS

• ECUtalk TEBS Flash

• ECUtalk TEBS G2/G2.x

• ECUtalk TEBS4 3.3

• ECUtalk TIM G2

• ECUtalk TRM

• ECUtalk TPMS