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Conditioner filling station Magneti Marelli Alaska Start
Conditioner filling station Magneti Marelli Alaska Start

Conditioner filling station Magneti Marelli Alaska Start

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Conditioner filling station Magneti Marelli Alaska Start
Manufacturer Magneti Marelli (Italy)

ALASKA START is an automatic Magneti Marelli device for diagnostics and functions with an air conditioning system. The device allows you to work easily and smoothly in several ways. This model is perfectly balanced between precise work and competitive price.

Manual: Functions for refrigerant pumping, removal, oil filling and loading.
Automatic: The functions are performed fully automatically, simply by selecting the car code from the database or by combining an automatic programmable cycle (without additional user assistance, with pre-set functions).
The support system helps the user not to get lost during the whole work. The air conditioning filling station has an extremely large database allowing the user to quickly and accurately perform the desired work on both light, commercial, heavy and agricultural transport.

Conditioner stop:

Programmer and high quality electronic salenoid control system;
safety valves;
Pressure sensors;
Two analog-type display scales;
Two hand valves;
Three storage facilities: for new grease, used grease and paint;
Printer (optional);
3 meters of service pipes with extension options;
Easy to understand screen;
An integrated database is provided for secondary identification of the vehicle by registration number, together with recent services and diagnostics.

Extraction of old A / C fluid;
Cleaning the refrigeration system from mechanical residues;
Extraction of water from the filtration system;
Separation of grease from coolant in the system;
Measurement of extracted old liquid;
Tests to check past and present fluid after service;
Venting the system using a vacuum pump;
System permeability test (negative pressure or nitrogen overpressure);
Automatic or semi-automatic injection of grease and paint by user or manual filling with visual control;
Drainage of coolant from ducts;
Manual performance of functions;
History of the last 20 functions performed;
Simple and inexpensive service.

Refrigerant: R134a;
Electronic refrigerant scales: Accuracy +/- 10g;
Electronic vacuum gauge: CL. 2.5;
Working storage: 10 kg R134a;
Mixed filtration and separation of mechanical particles;
Vacuum pump 70 l / min;
Maximum negative pressure 0.05 mbar;
Compressor capacity 300 g / min;
3 meters of pipes;
Thermal printer (optional).
Other information:

Set of protective gloves;
Safety goggles;
Kit for external cylinder connections;
100 XL nitrile gloves;
Advertising stand;
Advertising poster;
Warranty 2 years.