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CNC plasma cutting machine Spartus Pro Gladiator 2050
CNC plasma cutting machine Spartus Pro Gladiator 2050

CNC plasma cutting machine Spartus Pro Gladiator 2050

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CNC plasma cutting machine Pro Gladiator 2050

Manufacturer: Spartus, Poland


Pro Gladiator 2050 is a CNC plasma cutting machine with a working surface of 1050 x 2050 mm. They are designed for use in small and medium-sized businesses. These machines make it possible to cut steel sheets and plates with plasma torches in a fully automatic and precise manner. The highest cutting quality is achieved using modern technology.

Retention tank is an additional device that facilitates the process of removing and changing water from the machine.

Technical parameters:

- Engine type: stepper motor

- Transmission type: toothed rack / ball thread

- Working surface: 1050 x 2050 mm

- Permissible load: 1300 kg

- Aluminum water tank: yes

- Max. Cutting depth: depends on the source current

- Control: three-axis CNC controller

- THC control system: yes

- Inductive sensor: yes

- Limit sensors: yes

Standard equipment:

- Stepper motors (custom hybrid servomotors)

- Precise gearbox: X, Y axles - serrated rack, Z axis - ball thread

- Traction system based on wheels (unbroken)

- Aluminum water tank with pump and valve system

- THC control system: burner height adjustment system

- Inductive sensor

- The basis

- Limit sensors

- Computer with software