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Chain hoist 3.0 m, 5.0 t
Chain hoist 3.0 m, 5.0 t

Chain hoist 3.0 m, 5.0 t

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Chain hoist 3.0 m, 5.0 t


Hand chain hoist for intensive use in industry and car workshops and services.

Designed for precise lifting and moving of loads in a horizontal plane.

Small in size and weight, coated with anti-corrosion coating. Specially designed chains and hooks improve the degree of safety. Lifting capacity 5.0 tons, lifting height 3.0 meters, double maneuvering chain, galvanized.

Length about 2 meters.

- Lifting capacity: 3000 kg

- Lifting height: 3.0 m

- Weight: 36 kg

- Code: GR-58955