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Body straightening stand Autorobot Micro B
Body straightening stand Autorobot Micro B

Body straightening stand Autorobot Micro B

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Body straightening stand Autorobot Micro B

Manufacturer: Autorobot, Finland;


The Autorobot Micro B is a professional body straightening stand designed for easy preparation and quick straightening. Due to its low cost, this equipment is a good investment for service of any size. The Micro B is especially suitable for small services with limited space.

Car mounting is easy with the Micro B stand. Its simple design and quick set-up make it ideal for body repair services as an optional stand. With this equipment, small and medium-sized damage can be repaired quickly.

Ultra-fast, single-bolt body mounts are standard on the Micro B. These mounts are designed for use with vehicles with compressed welded beams. There are additional accessory kits with fasteners for full-body vehicles and cars without compressed welding beams.

The Micro B tensioning and mounting parts are free to use with other Autorobot stands, so you can save money later by upgrading your equipment with larger Autorobot stands.

Technical characteristics:

Extremely fast car mounting with single-bolt body clamps;

Easily adjustable tension in any direction (up, down, sideways);

Smart design makes the job easier for the user;

A towing tower rotated 180 degrees from the center of fixation;

Lower tension wheel;

The tilting extension of the towing tower must be ordered separately.

Technical information:

Max. supported car weight: 2720 kg;

Tensile capacity: ~ 10 tons;

Air pressure source required;

Required free space: 4.0 x 5.5 m;

Weight: 380 kg.



Body clamps 2 pcs .;

Stretching tower;

Chain 2.5 m;


Auxiliary kit (with wrench);

Ramps 4pcs .;

10 tons of hydraulics (cylinder + pump);

Supports 2 pcs.