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Body leveling stand Autorobot IV
Body leveling stand Autorobot IV

Body leveling stand Autorobot IV

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Body leveling stand Autorobot IV

Manufacturer: Autorobot, Finland; Warranty: 5 years!


The Autorobot IV is the most versatile body damage repair stand on the market. With central hydraulics installed, the seven double-acting cylinders are electrically operated with a manual control panel. The Autorobot IV comes standard with four towing towers. The efficient and productive unit performs ironing work with and without chains, thus covering all repair situations. The standard set also includes a horizontal robotic paw that can be pulled with clamps or pushed with a rubber plate in all directions in the body. Also with this paw, straightening perpendicularly up or down is easy - just by lowering or raising the working height of the stand.

Technical parameters:

Electrically operated hydraulics;

7 double-acting cylinders;

Tensile strength about 10 tons;

Pushing force about 6 tons;

Pressure: 300 bar;

Power supply: 220/380 V, 50 Hz;

Control voltage: 24 V;

Fuses: 2 x 10 A;

Vehicle width: 2.2 m;

Length of vehicles: 5 m;

Required free space: 4 x 6 m;

Stand weight: 2100 kg;

Total set weight: 2650 kg;

Lifting capacity: 4000 kg.