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Air conditioner filling station Magneti Marelli ALASKA BUS
Air conditioner filling station Magneti Marelli ALASKA BUS

Air conditioner filling station Magneti Marelli ALASKA BUS

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Air conditioner filling station Magneti Marelli ALASKA BUS

Manufacturer Magneti Marelli (Italy); Warranty 24 months

ALASKA BUS is a fully automatic Magneti Marelli device designed for diagnostics and air conditioning system maintenance. This service station provides two types of services:

Manual - the user performs all the necessary functions at his own discretion: pumping and filling liquids, separating grease, etc.

Automatic - functions are performed automatically by selecting the car code from the integrated database or by selecting a pre-set automatic service cycle (without additional user assistance, with individual functions pre-selected).

The database is designed for passenger, commercial, heavy and agro-cultural transport. Allows the user to service refrigeration systems without additional hassle. The station is equipped with a large tank and one of the best vacuum pumps (226 l / min, which allows it to be among the market leaders at a very affordable price).

Conditioner stop:

Pragramizer and ultra-high quality electronic salenoid control system;

Safety valves;

Pressure sensors;

Additional cooling

Three analog pressure reading scales;

Two hand valves;

Three storage facilities: for new grease, used grease and paint;

Printer (optional);

5 meters of service pipes with the possibility of extension;

Easy-to-understand digital display;

Additional pressure reading scale for internal cylinder pressure indication;

An integrated database for secondary identification of cars by registration number, which identifies the services performed;

Nitrogen modulus;

System wash module;

POE / UV tank (for hybrid cars) with quick-connect adapter;

Heating belt.

 ALASKA BUS Functions:

A / C fluid extraction;

Cleaning of refrigerant from mechanical particles;

Removal of water from the filtration system;

Separation of grease from refrigerant;

Measurements of the amount of refrigerant extracted;

Measurements of extracted oil;

The tests are intended to compare current and past levels of refrigerant;

Venting the system using a vacuum pump;

System leak tests (using negative pressure or excessive pressure with nitrogen);

Automatic or semi-automatic refilling of grease and paint by the user or by manual visual control;

Removal of refrigerant from air tubes;

Manual operation mode;

System cleaning with refrigerant;

System diagnostics with error analysis (optional);

Simple and inexpensive service.


Refrigerant - R134a;

Electronic refrigeration scales - accuracy +/- 10g;

Electronic vacuum reading scale - Cl. 2.5;

Engine volume - 27.2 l - 25 Kg R134a;

Combined mechanical and molecular filter;

Vacuum pump - 226 l / min;

Maximum negative pressure 0.05 mbar;

5 meters of service pipes;

Cubic capacity of the compressor - 500 g / min;

Thermal printer (optional).

Equipment together with the station:

A pair of protective gloves;

Safety goggles;

Kit for external cylinder connections;

Standard scale weight calibration;

The key is for blocking or lowering the scales;

Users manual;

100 XL nitrile gloves;

Protective cover;

Advertising stand;

Advertising poster.