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adblue emulator
adblue emulator
adblue emulator
adblue emulator
adblue emulator

adblue emulator

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The price of Ad-Blue depends on the amount of Ad-blue. That is, when buying larger quantities we make discounts!

Ad-Blue emulators can be built on all (Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6) Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo and Renault trucks and other vehicles (buses) and other vehicles.

Ad-Blue Emulator (Italian) is a device designed to safely disconnect the Ad-blue catalytic converter system used in trucks, buses and other heavy machinery. Ad-blue emulator is compatible with Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo and Renault trucks and other heavy vehicles and technicians. The Ad-blue system emulator safely disconnects the said Ad-Blue system, and this device stops the vehicle from using the Ad-Blue catalyst fluid. Ad-Blue Emulator does not lose engine power, integrates safely and generates no diagnostics or other errors.

Work experience shows that there is one major problem with this: let's say the Ad-blue system is turned off correctly (by programming), the truck runs smoothly, without power limitations, and uses less fuel. However, after a while, an authorized dealer will record an update to the towing vehicle software, erasing all work left on the machine. All the parameters return to their places, the malfunctioning of the Ad-blue system is automatically captured, and we face an even greater problem, with even greater costs. It is no longer 2008, and today it is automatically dropped.

Which solution is right? The most recent and proven: a programmable plug-in that informs control systems about the proper functioning of Ad-blue systems.

 The main advantages of the Ad-blue shutdown system are:

There is no programming that can be accidentally uninstalled

The device controlling / disabling the Ad-blue system can be switched off at any time, and subsequently turned on.

Ad-blue system control (off) device can be used for more than one vehicle (rebuilt from one vehicle to another)

The ad-blue system no longer poses problems with power limitation, error messages, and emergency service.


Ad-Blue variants:

Ad-Blue V3 is simple - even on a broken system, it is important that you allow errors to be cleared while the ignition is on. So before the machine starts, you must let the errors clear. In this case, they usually fit and settle down. Made in China

WARNING !! The use of Ad-Blue Emulators is prohibited in certain countries. Selling and owning this unit is legal, but using an emulator increases exhaust emissions and your truck no longer meets the environmental standards of EURO 6, EURO 5 or EURO 4, which is required within the European Union. Our product focuses more on non-EU countries that do not have a valid EURO 6, EURO 5 or EURO 4 environmental standard. Ad-Blue Emulator allows you to lower the eco-standards of your truck by stopping the delivery of DEF fluid to SCR catalytic converter, which saves you a great deal of money by refusing Ad-Blue frequent refilling if permitted by your country's Euro 6, EURO 5 or EURO 4 laws. If you purchase this device, you assume full responsibility for its use and any consequences that may result from its use. It is your personal decision whether or not to use this device. We take no responsibility for any consequences of using the Ad-Blue Emulator. Also, keep in mind that SCR Emulators are waterproof and should be installed in dry, inaccessible areas protected from DEF fluid or diesel fuel on the truck. Wet devices are not warranted